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CEREC© Single Visit Crowns

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What is CEREC©?
CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. This is a new state-of-the-art method of fabricating tooth restorations with over 20 years of clinical research and in-practice experience to support the new technology. CEREC® uses CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology to design and fabricate one day crowns for patients. This new technology has revolutionized ceramic restorations such as crowns and veneers for patients. This restoration gives us the ability to restore a fractured, cracked, or decayed tooth to its natural beauty, strength and function. A tooth that needs a crown usually requires two appointments. At the first appointment, the dentist will remove any decay, old filling material, or unsound tooth structure and prepare the tooth to the shape for your custom crown. The dentist will then take a mold (impression) of the prepared tooth and send it to a dental laboratory for the fabrication of your custom crown, which usually takes two weeks. While the dental laboratory is fabricating your crown, a temporary crown will be placed over the prepared tooth to maintain tooth position and gum health. At the second appointment, the dentist will remove the temporary crown, clean the prepared tooth, and cement the finalized custom crown on the tooth.


Why Choose CEREC©?

Some of the many advantages of using CEREC© include: Time: CEREC© crowns are made in one visit, saving you considerable time away from your job and family.
Comfort: With CEREC©, there is no need for another injection, a temporary crown, or messy impression putty!
Aesthetics: The strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials of CEREC® restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function, and closely match the composition of your natural tooth structure.
Strength/Accuracy: The durability and fit of the ceramic material is so precise, your smile will stay beautiful and last for many years!The CEREC© process:
During your exam, your doctor will determine if a CEREC restoration is right for you. Your doctor will also discuss the details of the procedure and can answer any questions you may have. There are three main phases to the fabrication of your CEREC restoration:

  • 1. Tooth preparation phase – this process involves removing decay, old/failing filling material and rebuilding the foundation of the tooth with new material.
  • 2. Scan/Design Phase – this process involves taking an “optical impression” of your prepared tooth with a high-quality digital camera scan. The images captured from the scan are converted by the computer and advanced software to create a three-dimensional virtual model of your prepared tooth and all the surrounding teeth to ensure a comprehensive collection of data to help in the designing of your crown.
  • 3. Milling Phase – The milling unit actually manufactures the custom restoration from the specifications entered into the computer. A ceramic block is placed into the milling unit and within minutes, the milling device produces the restoration the dentist designed!
  • Our team at Sandalwood Dental Care has embraced this new technology with countless hours of training and continued education to offer our patients the latest and most accurate dental restorations available! Click on the image below to see. 

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